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In Australia a devastating period of heat has killed a large portion of the Great Barrier Reef with evidence that the climate is extremely dangerous to all life forms. The Queensland government, however, has approved one of the largest ever coal mines and it is owned by a foreign power. That is not even the worst of it. The Indian Company involved has a shocking record of environmental vandalism in Africa and elsewhere that is being ignored.

The question on the lips of most Australians is why? The answer given by the Premier of the State is that it will create jobs. The complications of this mine are extensive as a port has been built over the reef for large ships to load the coal while an accident of any description risks further damage to the reef.

Such an accident could involve a ship striking a coral outcrop and spilling oil or coal over the area. The effect of such an environmental disaster is fresh as the Exxon Valdez had such an accident in prince William Sound, Alaska, in March 1989. Media coverage showed the extent of the damage that spill caused to its Bligh Reef and surroundings shores to say nothing of its bird and ocean life.

To further explain concerns about the Company developing the coal mine it has been reported that it does not pay tax in India and that its money is held in an off-shore bank for tax evasion purposes. Hello! What chance will Australians have to get royalties from that business for the coal it extracts?

There have been demonstrations about the mine in several places, which the Federal Liberal Government has sidelined and even tried to prevent. The question is how important are jobs to the overall community when the chances of any Australians being employed are slim to say the least?

Australia has a policy of allowing foreign workers to be employed under a 457 visa. That comes into play when a Company states that it cannot get local employees. The people who are brought into the country under this visa scheme are often unskilled and non-English speakers who know nothing of Australian working conditions. There are also a high number of illegal workers used in such projects that have been discovered and removed.

The next question is even more important. How many of these 'workers' will contract 'black lung disease' and die a horrible death? Top that one with some other equally vital questions. The belching smoke stack will see everyone on the planet breathing the polluted air that coal-fired power stations emit so why aren't foreign governments becoming involved? How many will survive the increased climate change that it will affect?

As the earth burns politicians are fiddling. They are rigging the system, cooking the books, and pulling the wool over the eyes of the ignorant people who support them. The answers lie in the work of 666 and the establishment he put in place.


Source by Norma Holt

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