Prepare and defend against a disaster


Stepping into July, the skies are clear, the days are warm and the nights are comfortably cool, it is the perfect time to bring out your loafers, vans, sneakers or whatever it is.

Somebody doesn’t like wearing socks with their low top shoes. Indeed, wearing long socks with these shoes together with short pants always looks a bit odd unless you want to feel playful or get the retro prep look. In this case, the style, pattern and the color of the socks play an important role, either you are real good at it or it can be a disaster. Always beware of long socks in white, which are normally for sports games or gym, think twice before you put them on with your low top shoes.

Then what about entirely sock less with these shoes? Your feet get sticky and smelly quite quickly. Wearing socks helps reduce bacterial buildup on the feet and prevent calluses. If you are wearing a new pair of shoes without socks, they give you blisters on each foot right below the ankle. Also, socks reduce pressure and soreness. Without wearing socks, your feet hurt and get tired after sometime.

The best solution is to get a pair of super low cut socks. They provide the comfort and sweat-absorption properties of a normal sock, but leave your ankles nicely exposed to the cool air. These socks give that barefoot appearance, sit low on your ankle and just barely above your shoes, so they will not reveal for low top shoes.

But be careful when buying the invisible socks. The problem with some of these socks is that they look like ballerina shoes. These kinds of socks are truly invisible on shoes but easy slip due to too low cutting of the sock heel. Sock slippage can be very annoying. And some of them claim they are no show socks but still show due to their ankle height cutting design.

A pair of good super low cut socks should be tightly fit, super comfortable, non slip and non bulky, which do not wrinkle up inside your shoes. Just showing a bit of sock around the edges is not the end of the world. A pair of dark color sock will help. The most important thing is to choose a pair of sock that suits you, your shoes and your personal style.

So are your ready wearing your low top shoes with the no socks look?


Source by Cynthia Watson

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