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Once you have selected the right company to entrust your data with, it is time to scrutinize them with the requirements below to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

When making the major decision to get data recovery services, know your rights. Ask what is their data recovery success rate. You do not want to be going through evaluation and shipping for nothing even when it is paid by the recovery company.

No obligation free evaluation fees. Your data recovery company should be able to tell you how likely your data is to be recovered based on the damage on the hard disk.

Then, if you should decide to give the data recovery provider the go ahead, they will clone the system and begin attempting to retrieve the data that is on your hard drive. This is for safety purpose that another recovery attempt can be done if the first one fail.

Complimentary shipping to and from their facilities. Specialists do not require your entire computer to recover your data. All you got to do is simply ship your hard drive to them and they will retrieve the data from it.

Extra precaution should be taken when shipping your hard drive. For example, if it is damage by water, it should be shipped wet by covering it with a damp cloth. Also, you might want to put it in a shock proof tight container so that the hard disk do not get damage even more is handled roughly during shipping. However, avoid using styrofoam container when shipping as it can create static electricity that can damage the data.

If your computer is still under warranty, a data recovery attempt may void the warranty you have with the manufacturer. Honoring a drive manufacturer warranty may cause delays in recovering the data. If they do not provide you a clear warranty statement, you may have to purchase a new hard drive after your data is recovered.

Does your data recovery company offer 24/7 phone-based personal support? Better still, this number should be toll-free too. Apart from that, a 24/7 online case status reporting ensure that you can track the progress of your case and a dedicated case manager can answer all the questions and ease all the concerns that you may have.

Laptops and notebooks can also have data recovered from them, but the process is different as the parts were way smaller. The main difference is that these computers require smaller tools in order to recover the data due to its mini size. Ask your data recovery company if they can handle this.

Can your data remain confidential? Ask this question when selecting a trustable company. Going to an established company with good credibility will help in this situation.

How will your data be returned to you? Depending on the volume, your data can be returned in the form of a CD, DVD, loan or replacement hard drive. A free disc is usually the norm. As a basic requirement, your data should be returned on media that you can easily access and integrate into your existing system.

Make sure that your newly restored data is covered by a warranty. If you later find any problem with it, you can always refer back to the data recovery company.

A clear time frame for getting your data back. Although data recovery can be done in as little 24 hours to 5 days, the evaluation process can take several days to weeks, and it may or may not be successful after all.

If they cannot get your data back you should not be charged for the service.


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