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Three ways to let your chickens "roam" their way to healthy eggs:

1. A chicken run attached to the chicken coop where they can roam freely at there will or yours. By having a run attached to the coop with a door that you can open or close gives you the choice when they roam with ease of opening the door. The chickens feel comfortable because they still have access to their coop. This method is the easiest way for you to keep your chickens safe from competitors while giving them the freedom to roam.

2. Letting them out of the coop to roam in the open space of your yard, pasture, or green space; if your neighbors are agreeable is another good way; however it inherently comes with more risk as they are open to predators.

3. My personal favorite; letting the chickens roam free in your fenced garden area. Having a fenced garden area is important for your chickens to have safety from predators and think of the benefits, free fertilizer for your garden.

The advantages your garden can receive from your chickens are incredible. Another way of spreading the goo in your garden is using a mobile coop; move it around every few days until you have fertilized the entire garden. The nutrients the soil receives from the chicken waste will create a garden full of plants bearing fruit. But I digress.

When your chickens are out of the coop to roam free they are able to soak up the sun's rays helping them produce rich nutritional eggs filled with Omega3's that our bodies as humans need. A good identifier that your chickens are producing rich nutritious eggs are when you crack them open you see nice dark yellow yokes.

Roaming also gives them the opportunity to just be chickens; they can bob around cackling and scratching and digging for their own food sources. They love eating insects, grubs, mealworms, weeds and grass to name a few. Depending in what area of ??the country you live in and the season, you may have to supplement their diets with those items. One example is during the winter of some mid-west states the snow and ice may defeat your chicken's ability to dig and scratch for those tasty trees. Mealworms are one of the best supplements for your chickens.


Healthier chickens and eggs all come down to giving your chickens the time and space to roam free. When your chickens are able to spend time in the sun foraging for their own food they will be healthier and produce more nutritious eggs for you and your family. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security, self-defense, and preparedness is before something happens.


Source by Adam Sisterhen

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