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Your here to learn about one thing and one thing only, your here to learn about all the different vertical jumping out there. And you want to know exactly how you can leap tall buildings in a single bound (or something like that.)

Vertical jumping is not hard, many people have gone from being able to jump 5 inches to being able to jump 25!

But it does take one quality …

It's a quality that a lot of people lack, and a quality that many people should desire. It's dedication, have you ever had to do something that you didnt want too? but you knew you had to, you did it because you had both dedication and self disclaiming.

Do not worry though I'm not going to tell you to take 2 hours out of every day to work on your vertical jumping, in fact I do not want you too. To best increase your vertical jump I want you to work on it for about 10 minutes.

That's right for 10 minutes every day I want you to work on increasing your vertical jumping, that's not too hard right? Who does not have a spare 10 minutes. The best part about vertical jumping exercises is that you can do them while watching tv in your living room.

Now you have no excuse not to do these exercises, and you have no excuse not to able to seriously improve your vertical leap.

You would not be reading this if you thought you did not have to increase your vertical leap, you want to increase your vertical leap. You realize the very importance of increasing your vertical leap. And you know just how important vertical jumping exercises are!

So without further delay let's talk about my favorite vertical jumping exercise.

Vertical jumping exercise, Lunges: No I'm not kidding, lunges are extremely important if you are serious about improving your vertical leap. You need to be able to take just 5 minutes out of your day and do some lunges. Not just little ones, but you need to do deep lunges.

The beauty about lunges is that they work every single major muscle in your leg! So it's like a full leg workout and it takes around 5 minutes. And most people do not even break a sweat while doing them. This vertical jumping exercise is seriously underrated !!

Do you see just how easy this is? I mean it's not Rocket science. 5 minutes a day and you can have amazing legs and an amazing vertical leap.

Vertical jumping has never been so easy, it's exercises like these that really prove just how easy it is to improve your vertical leap.


Source by Zach A Booker

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