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Knowing that the average cost of a wedding in America is just about $22,000, you can see that weddings can become really expensive events. To prevent any financial trouble, a proper planning as well as a wedding budget checklist are more than recommended. Find following some hints and requirements to prepare a wedding budget checklist:

1) First of all sit together with your future spouse and discuss what is important for both of you in your wedding and make a list.

2) After you found what is of importance for you, you will need to have a look at the money that is available in the moment. Include all your savings as well as the money you will be able to save from your regular earnings.

3) In all likelihood your parents or other relatives want to chip in some money. Just remember when letting the cat out of the bag about this issue, to not have to high expectations and be satisfied with any amount they offer.

4) Now, as you know how much money you will be able to spend for your wedding, take the list of important things and write a dollar amount next to each item.

To get an idea about the numbers, find following an ordinary wedding budget percentage wise:

Wedding Reception: 50%

Bride’s dress: 15%

Photographer: 10%

Music: 10%

Flowers: 10%

Decorations: 2%

Invitations: 2%

Postage: 1%

With these numbers in mind you will be able to break down your budget and prepare your wedding budget checklist. Within the time until your big day you will need to refer to this checklist regularly and check your expenses against your budget. Just remember, whenever you exceed the amount in one category, to descale another category in order to stay in budget.


Source by Peter Meyers

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