Wedding Photography: Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer on a Budget

21 Sep

Every new bride wants to hire the best wedding photographer money can buy. You only have one chance to get the moment captured, and a mistake on the part of the photographer can cost you that one-in-a-million perfect photo of your big day. The problem is, photographers that consistently produce beautiful wedding photography are in high demand, and come with a high price. If you have a large budget, by all means hire the best photographer you can find. But if you, like many couples today, can not afford the high price tags that come along with hiring one of the top wedding photographers, you do not need to give up hope on having beautiful wedding photographs that you will cherish for years to come.


Many of the best wedding photographers have interns that work with them. These aspiring photographers have the equipment that is needed to get the job done right, and have been trained by the best of the best. While they may not have a huge portfolio to back up their work yet, they often can produce outstanding results. Contacting the photographer you want to hire and explaining your situation may result in a significant discount of fees if you agree to allow the interns work solo on your wedding. A great way to find a wedding photographer that has an intern program is to search for photography internship opportunities in your local area. This will often get you better results than contacting individual photographers on the off-chance they have an internship program.

Event Photographers

The term wedding photography often adds a significant price to the cost of having a photographer. Considering a photographer that specializes in event photography and asking if he or she would be willing to shoot a wedding may yield surprising results. Often, event photographers simply do not have the portfolio to market for weddings. Wedding photography is a very competitive field, so many great photographers do not actively advertise until they have the portfolio to make the advertising dollars be a worth investment.

Photographer All-Call

While not the best option, doing an all-call for photographers on a website such as Craigslist can be a low-cost, or occasionally free, option. A brand new photographer may be willing to handle photographing your wedding at a very low-cost in exchange for the opportunity to learn and build his or her portfolio. Obviously, with this option you may not see the results you want, but it will typically be better than asking Uncle George to take pictures with his old 35mm camera.

If you are looking for absolute perfect, no risk wedding photography and budget is not an issue, then find the best wedding photographer you can afford. If budget is a concern, a little creativity and effort is all you need to capture the moment of your wedding day with a low-cost wedding photography option.

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