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National Geographic’s show Doomsday Preppers has really popularized the concept of “Prepping” and terms like SHTF. So what does SHTF stand for and what does it have with a “doomsday” scenario.

SHTF stands for the phrase “Sh-t Hits the Fan” and refers to many scenarios depending upon who is using the term.

For some people it means the total breakdown of society. These people are generally the “survivalists” who prepare by stocking guns and ammunition for the day when society disintegrates and it is like the movie “Mad Max.”

Survivalists actually think that they will have to struggle to survive – literally – as a mad life and death struggle ensues in a collapsed society.

If you ask someone who is called a “prepper” what does SHTF stand for, they will tell you about less drastic, though still major events like economic collapse and hyperinflation.

Some people realize that it is a personal “SHTF” scenario when they lose their job or have a similar financial crisis. Others believe that the term SHTF stands for something only if it is a widespread calamity.

More polite people use the term “Sewage” when they are asked what does SHTF stand for.

So now if someone asks you what does SHTF stand for, you’ll be able to answer intelligently and also know what a prepper is and what a survivalist is.

If you want to become more prepared for an emergency, there are many things you can do, but the first thing is to anticipate is something happening at the worst possible time. The worst possible time is when you are away from the safety and security of your home, perhaps driving to work or a friend’s house.


Source by Mike Kuykendall

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