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These days every organization is based on the foundation of information technology, without this support one cannot run its business successfully and suffer heavy financial losses. There are new techniques being discovered these days to deal with this. These are the IT disaster recovery solutions, these are the services which help to recover the lost data records. It can be used when IT support gets destroyed due to any calamities. It is a totally new concept. It came into light when major information technology companies started bearing heavy losses due to data loss. These services are generally of two types.

First is for prevention of information loss. It helps in restoration of data and makes a copy so as to use it in future in case of any damage to the original. Other one is for recovery that can be used when there is no backup. Under this, destructed business systems are restored by bringing gadgets and infrastructure to different locations. These services help in restoration in case of following conditions which are as follows-

• Hardware damage- Either a natural disaster or by human efforts cause failure to hard disk. It causes logical failure, formatting of hard disk when not required, storage device dropped and damaged to semi-conductor.

• Intentional damage- In such business there have been evidenced higher cases of deleting the records intentionally to harm one's business. It hinders the constant flow of data and that further results into monetary loss.

In both of the above disaster recovery services they help to create backup of the data that has been deleted. So, almost every company prefers to keep backup of their information and record. One of the outdated methods is to use backup tapes. In the earlier years a set of floppy was inserted one by one and copy was created. The tape used to take several hours to run and hold high risk to get corrupted. Hence it was observed that one is required to switch off to safe solutions.

One of the safe backup disaster recovery solutions is to use hard drive as it can restore the records at a rapid pace. These tapes are highly vulnerable to magnetic field while hard drive is capable enough in successful extraction of information even if disk is already damaged to some extent. Moving one step forward, one of the latest approaches is to go for online support. As all business records and important information always have to shift to safe and secure place, one can install them online as they are easy to set up and use. In this process data is transferred to another secure data center.

There is no need to buy any hardware and one is also provided with online access. It alerts in case of any danger of information theft. The process is completely automated. Therefore, IT disaster recovery services is very much beneficial. Currently there is no surety from which corner a threat may appear and ruin the business. Therefore, use the IT disaster recovery services, no matter whatever is the size of the organization.


Source by Matt Rosentrater

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