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Before planning any costume ideas you need to make sure to follow some of the cultural norms and issues, now Indian culture is very different and generally accepts most changes in costuming with ease, and in the case of Bollywood the outfits are many and varied ranging from jeans with a Choli top to a Saree or flamboyant Lehenga set.

In this article I will explain how you can dress for a Bollywood party with little effort and still look gorgeous. Saree, the prominent costume choice for most Indian women. There are various ways to wear a 5 to 6 meter Saree and it could be a disaster if you don’t wrap it correctly, Please watch the instructional video on how to wear a Saree. practice a few times at home before your final presentation. In India most women wear a petticoat underneath the Saree but a plain short skirt is also as effective.

Lehenga Choli, basically a three piece costume which includes a top a skirt or Ghagra and a veil or orni. In most Bollywood movies you see an actress or the leading lady wearing Lehenga’s at a wedding party or other family gatherings. In general the Lehenga Choli is not a traditional dress for Indian women except in northern India but popularized by Bollywood and many younger Indians who are keen to wear them at parties and weddings. The Lehenga’s can be heavily beaded or just plain silk fabric, it depends how much you want to spend and if you can find one that would fit your body perfectly.

Kurta -Churidar – A tunic or long shirt and a tight or a baggy pants with dupatta or veil. This is the most commonly seen dress for ladies in India. You can buy them from any Indian store or check out our collections in our online collection.

Skirt and Choli – This is probably the easiest way to dress up for your Bollywood Party, a ruffle skirt or yard skirt and a choli top, A veil to drape across your body or simply use it to cover your head and shoulders. There are other variations of Bollywood costumes, Harem pants and Choli, or Indian Kurta Payjama, Churidar etc.

Please watch some Bollywood movies to get an idea of what could be suitable to wear for the party you are attending.

Accessories for Bollywood could be big beaded necklace and earrings with tikli (chain and pendant to wear on forehead ) to a simple chain with a pendant and matching earrings. Its usual to see an actress wearing contrasting colours in Bollywood movies, so please experiment with different colours and designs.

For Men there are many choices, From the 4 piece executive Sherwani to just a plain kurta/shirt to wear with jeans or trousers, again it depends on your preference, Our suggestion for a comfy but standard Bollywood outfit for men that will fit any party would be the Indian Kurta or mens shirt with embroidery, trousers/jeans and a Bollywood unisex scarf as an accessory.

For Bollywood dance classes, Choli top and Harem pants, Saree skirt or Churidar are easy to wear and comfortable for practicing or performance.


Source by Dev Adhikary

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