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Sparkling Windows On A Budget

With over 18 years experience in the window cleaning industry I have learned that there are certain tips and tricks that can give your home the special sparkle of a experienced window cleaner on a budget price. Window cleaners have special tools such as a squeegee which has a rubber insert designed to glide across the glass and remove the water. We also carry a scrubber which is primarily used to agitate the dirt and spread a thin film of soapy water across the glass. Other factors that come into play are the weather, heat, height and terrain around the home. Please always use caution when cleaning windows especially when a ladder is involved. Another option is to only have the outside of the windows cleaned by a professional. You will save one quarter to a third off of your window cleaning price by cleaning the inside windows yourself. Also you could ask if you remove the screens first would it save some money. Most window cleaners would give a price break if they just have to clean glass and do not have to re-install the window screens.

Plenty of window cleaners use a spray bottle while doing inside work. It keeps drips to a minimum and keeps your scrubber wet but not saturated so much as to cause drips on the carpet. Fill up your bottle with a simple solution of hot water and a few drops of soap. This is all that is needed, no alcohol or vinegar required. When you scrub the window you are looking for a few bubbles, but not white with suds. Agitate the window both directions being careful not to push water up inside the frame as this will cause water to later drip down. Pick a side of your home that is shady, our goal is to work around the sun, not work in it.

Using a squeegee around 14 inches would be a good choice for most homeowners. To start off on the left side and use just the tip of the squeegee to pull down to the bottom and remove about one quarter inch of water from the left edge of the window. Then come back to the top and pull straight across and repeat down the window. Our goal is the make only 2 or 3 passes to completely cover the window. Some windows may need to be cleaned going the top to bottom or from left to right which ever direction is going to accomplish 2 or 3 passes. Use a lint free towel, most window cleaners use a surgical blue towel also known as a "huck" towel. You can wipe the excess water away using a dry part of the towel with every pass. There are more advance techniques such as "fanning" the "Z" or "W" method which most window cleaners use.

By cleaning windows out of the sunshine and in the morning you will eliminate ninety percent of streaking. Keeping a light solution of soap to water mixture will also cut down on streaking. One other tool window cleaners use is "0000" Steel wool. This will not scratch the glass, but be careful, if you have window tint or "Low E" Glass you may scratch. So always test a very small area or look carefully for window tint on the glass beforehand. Never use a razor and move across the glass. You could dislodge fabrication debris which is hidden in the glass itself and caused by hot glass as it is rolled down the assembly line. Fabrication rubris is invisible until it is dislodged by a razor. It is not the actual razor that caused the scratch but rather a manufacturing defect. To avoid this it is best to stay away from a razor altar.

The best advice I can give is to clean windows until you need a break. Just clean a few each morning or a room at a time. Within a couple days your interior window cleaning will be accomplished and you will have saved yourself one third off of your window cleaning bill!


Source by Mark Poole

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